AR15 Delta Ring Assembly With Barrel Nut

Includes: Delta Ring, Barrel Nut “SP”, Wave Spring, and Snap Ring

The Delta Ring is fully CNC machined from billet aircraft grade aluminum and hard coat anodized. Made in the USA.

This Mil-Spec style standard Barrel Nut is made from “Stress Proof” steel with a minimum yield strength of 100,000 psi, providing for enhanced strength, fatigue resistance, as well as low heat distortion. These barrel nuts are 100% CNC machine from billet; holding close tolerances; providing a superior fit. Made in the USA.

The Wave Spring is made to Mil-Spec standards and Manganese Phosphate coated. Made in the USA.

The Snap Ring is made to Mil-Spec in the USA.


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DELTA RING – Made from aircraft grade aluminum / Hard Coat Anodized.
BARREL NUT – “Stress Proof” Steel. “Stress Proof” Steel has 100,000 psi minimum yield strength.
WAVE SPRING – Mil-Spec – Manganese Phosphate coated.
SNAP RING – Mil-Spec

Delta Ring and Barrel Nut are Fully CNC Machined

Fits Standard AR15 Upper Receivers

Made in the USA

Only shipped within the USA

Additional information

Weight 5.1 oz
Dimensions 9 × 1 × 6 in


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